Dressage Scoring



Updated Dressage Scoring suite version 18004 in Winzip format, to avoid some email filters which don't like macros.

Version 18002 fixes a problem introduced in update 18001 where penalties for errors applied as percentages for FEI tests were deducted from the individual judges scores, then again from the total score. Version 18003 fixes an issue with Young Horse scoring where the first horse totals were not being added up and reflected on the score sheet.

Version 18004 includes the Preparatory E test which was missing. It also introduces highlighting (on the score entry sheet) for tests where judges final percentages are different to the extent that the judes should be discussing the tests.

This update includes updated FEI tests (including Para), EA Para test and accommodates 2018 rule changes. Three different applications of rules for Error of Course are supported, covering FEI Senior, FEI Para and EA rules.

Support for 7YO Young Horse tests is added, along with the associated Technical Tests.

As previously advised, the dressage scoring system is only being published for Excel versions 2007 and later.

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 Dressage Scoring Publication Version 18004 3.85Mb